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GMC Jalopy

Central New York is a beautiful place, yet sometimes it is the man-made wreck that catches your eye.

Sometimes a truck is more than a truck...

Sometimes a truck is more than a truck…


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Otsego Lake, Cooperstown, NY

A canoe waits on the shore…Otsego Lake, Cooperstown, NY

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Squash Blossom Party

Early morning repast...

Early morning repast…

My garden is a bit haphazard, true to my ADD nature. First, I started out with great plans but ended up throwing seeds where they might land, forgetting where they were planted, watering everything I could in hopes that they would remember what I had set them out to do.

I over planted tomatoes and zucchini. I didn’t plant anything else. Besides wildflower mix. Better to walk before you run, I say.

In the summer of 2012, I stalked Dunga Brook’s gardens with my iPhone and its wondrous *Olloclip attachment.

I lost track of time as I took photograph after photograph of the tiny little things that made my childhood so dreamlike.

Through this haphazard gardening and photography, I reconnected to the flora and the fauna closest to my feet and dearest to my heart.

I can’t wait for summer to come again, can you?

If you’d like to buy a copy of this photograph, please do and thank you!

purchase here: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/squash-blossom-party-vicki-whicker.html



zucchini photos

Dunga Brook

Dunga Brook

Seen through Wild Parsnips

Aha Moments

“Country living makes you go deeply internal, lots of aha! moments and then you look up to the sky or a bird or that tree that never moves but changes in a trillion different ways from day to day…and you realize that the space around you expands the space within you.”


Ryan Bingham & My Crazy Heart

Ryan Bingham & My Crazy Heart

I can’t tell you how much I love singer-songwriter Ryan Bingham.

Words fail the beauty of it.

He ranks right up there with Chevrolet (my dog, not the truck).

The thing about Ryan is his voice, his singing voice, his song writing voice, his easy on the ears conversational voice.

His heart. You can hear his heart. It is vast.

He isn’t hard on the eyes.

Boy, he’s got a good smile.

I missed his time on the rodeo circuit but met him before his Grammy, Golden Globe and Oscar for the soundtrack to Crazy Heart, a 2009 Jeff Bridges film featuring Bingham’s original song “The Weary Kind.”

By a wondrous twist of fate, I was in the audience to watch Ryan Bingham win that Oscar.

If you have a chance to catch him live, solo or with the band, please go, you won’t regret it.

In 2012, he released his fourth studio album, Tomorrowland, on his own label.

Listen to Song Travels via the link…he performs selections from the new album, including “As I Do My Dancing” and “Too Deep to Fill” and more…http://www.npr.org/2013/02/08/171492085/ryan-bingham-on-song-travels


Everything in life has led me to this place, this middle of nowhere, beneath the hungry gaze of a wintry behemoth.

We are ready, loaded with food, water, internet, closed cell foam insulation, a pellet stove, bags of pellets in the basement, a generator powered by a gas tank holding a months worth of gas.

Around 4pm the snow finally arrived, sideways. I turned my back to it, watched the dogs fight and shit, one more round of freedom before we hunkered down in the 1820’s farmhouse.

And now that the sun has set there is more to be unseen than seen.

Dunga Brook

Dunga Brook

Good Morning, CNY! Before the storm.

Because I lived in LA, where the slightest rainfall created pandemonium (for the news team!), I am familiar with dealing with disaster before disaster befalls and so this megastorm of the century that hasn’t arrived and has already cancelled thousands of flights on the east coast feels very familiar.

So, I find myself tuning into KTLA-5 in LA, their live feed. There’s my news crew chatting up LA things, a rodeo, a cop killer, a soul sucking pile up on the 15, and I think to myself…self, you are NOT missing LA. That is NOT what is happening. It started this morning with Nick Hornby posting news about his book About A Boy becoming a TV show that Jason Katims is developing. Jason Katims my next door neighbor in Pacific Palisades. Jason Katims, the sweet, quiet hulk of a man who lived next to me in LA. LA. LA.

I lived next to one of the most successful show runners of the decade for years and years and years and barely said “hi” to him in Starbucks. Yes, I did for a hot LA second fantasize that he’d leave his lovely wife and walk next door to my shabby cottage and take care of me for awhile…but this was a short lived stage as I looked myself in the mirror over the toothbrush in the morning and said, get the fuck OVER stealing your neighbor’s husband who doesn’t even know you are alive and isn’t writing Parenthood with you as a muse you pathetic dumb ASS.

Anyway, Jason is still hugely successful and I am still single but now I’m writing a book in my head (Dunga Brook Diary) that needs to be a television show that he runs and yeah, you get it…still delusional.

So, this is a picture of Dunga Brook, what she looks like BEFORE THE MEGASTORM. Hopefully, this is what she will look like during and after, too. If the east coast news casters are anything like the west coast news casters…we will be just fine. And yes, that is a relative term.

Chickadee On The Wing

Chickadee On The Wing

My friend, Bobbie Beeman, reminded me of my dream today. I want to create a bird, bee and butterfly sanctuary in central New York. There, I said it. Right now, there are 300 acres surrounding my house that are up for sale. Tonight, I am sending it out to the universe– help wanted, $300,000 needed to procure land to set up a trust for bird, bee and butterfly sanctuary. Sigh. Good night, all. XO

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