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SEEING DIFFERENTLY and a shutter click of brilliance from Ansel Adams

SEEING DIFFERENTLY and a shutter click of brilliance from Ansel Adams


“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”
― Ansel Adams”

Ok, come see me differently, as in totally out of my element…conducting a workshop.

Not being one who ever wanted to:

a- get married (not applicable to this workshop, but still)
b- teach (applicable)

This should be a fun time for all!

The good news for my workshop peeps?

I have had the great fortune to be taught/mentored by some of the top teaching gurus in the world– Jack Grapes, Rachel Resnick, Karin Gutman, Stephen Elliott, Paul Toussaint and many others in my loooong and storied life, so this won’t be a complete fail…Sign up NOW.

iPhoneography Workshop
Cherry Branch Gallery
25 Main, Cherry Valley, NY

Contact Kristen at the Cherry Branch Gallery 607-965-2089



The Saga of My First iPhoneography Gallery Show and A Love Letter To A Gallery Owner I Have Never Met

The Saga of My First iPhoneogrpahy Gallery Show and A Love Letter To A Gallery Owner I Have Never Met

When I was asked to have a show of my iPhoneography at the Cherry Branch Gallery, I was thrilled.

That was a year ago.

Little did I know that saying yes to that show would send me spiraling into a year filled with self-doubt and questions about who I thought I was and how the hell would I pull it off and the secret shame of knowing that I had never, not once, printed one of my images.

A full year of agony over whether what I saw on my iPhone and my Mac would be as clear and lovely and vibrant on paper and even if it was…who would care?

All the while I took more and more photos, which led me down the path of torment…which one? Which one of my 20,000 photos would make it to the show.

Can you show 100 images, should it be 20, do you frame them?

Omigod if I frame them, how will I frame them? Can I clip them to a wire and forget the frame? And why owhyowhy did I ever say I would do this, say yes to this childhood dream of mine, to have an ART SHOW in a GALLERY!

Then 2 months before the show the inevitable happened.

I dropped my Mac on my kitchen floor. From a great height. The floor is a radiant heat floor made of concrete. Dropping it did that thing that dropping a Mac does…the world went all slow motion as it floated to the ground and a voice (not my own) inside my head was screaming, mnooowwahhnooooo!

I was in a fugue state for the next three days as my hard drive died. It was a slow decline at first. The first sign was my beloved iPhoto wouldn’t open. OMG! ARTSHOW!

I kept trying, pushing buttons and restarting (a no no, we learn) over and over in a panic.

I was in deep denial.

The nearest Mac store was an hour and 15 minutes away. I just kept watching the wheel go round. Yes, I called to Apple hot line, which is not, by the way, the Mac Magic line- they do not have super powers and they always present with the obvious…”you should have backed your computer up”.

Yeah and I should have been born rich and important, perhaps a few inches taller…and YOU Apple Genius are anything BUT!

Anyway, long story short, I went to a local computer guy who pulled what he could off of my hard drive and I got a new hard drive from Apple (thank you Vicki for the extended Apple Care) and then spent the next 2 months pulling photos out of recovered files in the hopes that I was getting the original photos and not the iPhoto’d or instagrammed photos or corrupted photos. It was a mess.

But I pushed on, my April 6 deadline loomed.

All is well that ends well, as they say, and in the end (with the extreme help of Kristen, the gallery manager) I gathered about a thousand pictures, then narrowed it down to 33 pictures. This was an ordeal in itself that I can’t relive right now. I’m still tender.

But this missive is about a hero, this is a love letter to a gallery owner I have never met.

James Geras.

The James Geras of Geras Tousignant Gallery in San Fransisco.


My day job is wholesale director for Beekman 1802. The Fabulous Beekman Boys have fans all over the world and they should, they are wonderful, tireless supporters of farmers, human rights, sustainable living, diva-like lamas, baby goats and all lovely living things.

One of those fans is James Geras and he became my client when he decided to share Beekman 1802 products with his gallery clientele at an opening.

In our back and forth I discovered that he is a photographer, a high-end photographer who sells his prints to collectors for thousands.

Desperate, I told him about my gallery show in Cherry Valley and asked for advice about printing, hanging and framing. As if I could afford anything he was going to tell me.

Well, he got it, not only did he get it but he was a fountain of information, immediately sending me ideas for hanging pictures for next to zero dollars…he sent links to catalogs, web pages, pictures of ways he had hung up photography exhibits elegantly and on the cheap.

He was wonderful, a dream come true, an amazing person, like some fairy godbrother that the Universe blessed me with!

And, he turned me on to his printer which was the turning point in my search for resources. This printer was above top-notch, fast and they printed on metal, which, until I saw a print of mine on it, I didn’t know I needed but indeed I needed very much.

James Geras, I LOVE you!

But there is more.

Not only did he help me with the printer who made my show a resounding success but he called the gallery before my show went up and bought a piece AND he sent me opening night flowers!


An Angel, that is who.

I will never ever forget his generosity.

James Geras has an open invitation to visit and stay at Dunga Brook. Forever.

Of course, The American Hotel might be more fun and right in the middle of the haps in the middle of nowhere.

But even if he doesn’t stay with me, I will pick him up at the airport (an hour and 15 minutes away…a hop skip and a jump away from the nearest Apple store) and give him a personal CNY tour.

He is really something.

XO, Vicki

Dunga Brook Diary: A Year Of Seeing Differently
April 6- May 5
Cherry Branch Gallery
25 Main Street,
Cherry Valley, NY 13320 / 607-264-9530

For this photo, Little Lady Legs, I pair the mellifluous words of Ronee Blakley…

Little Lady Legs

“Vicki Whicker has an eye and a heart that go together to create images which are both profoundly moving and beautiful. She has an especially fine and original take on micro images, showing us in close up magnification the glory of nature around her, things we would never see on our own”

I am so excited that Cherry Branch Gallery, Cherry Valley, NY will host an opening reception for my iPhoneography, Dunga Brook Diary: A Year of Seeing Differently, on April 6, from 5-9pm.

Quote by Paul J. Toussaint, Patron Saint of Iphonic arts…and one of my attempts…The Little Bird That Stole My Heart

Quote by Paul J. Toussaint, Patron Saint of Iphonic arts...and one of my attempts...The Little Bird That Stole My Heart

Today, I am having a wonderful conversation with Paul Toussaint a photographer who has completely embraced iphoneography…

“my artistic visual eye has developed tenfold. I want people to look at everything because EVERYTHING is art. All the so called rules should be broken when it comes to taking a picture because with this technology all perspectives can become extraordinary.

I study lighting and the texture. If an object has potential to be stronger, I’ll bring that element out or if the subject has a calm, soothing look, I like to make the average eye feel calm and relaxed as they view the end result. I also love to use enhanced textured paper to make the image “pop” and to even make the viewer ask the question, “Is this really a photograph?”

He is light years ahead of me but we both feel this way…

“phoneography has changed my life and vision. For over two years now all of my photographs have been taken, processed and uploaded with only the iPhone. With the iPhone, my artistic vision has allowed me to produce a portfolio that at one time I only dreamed of having.”

I LOVE FB for the connections to those who INSPIRE!

Please join me on April 6th at Cherry Branch Gallery in Cherry Valley New York for the opening of my Iphonic art show….

Dunga Brook Diary: An LA Woman’s Euphoric Iphonic Discovery of Central New York (ok, a bit wordy as a slogan…but working on it).



I Love My Frickin Tree


I hope you can make it to my opening at Cherry Branch Gallery on April 6 (at 5pm), Cherry Valley, NY!

See below for caveat…secret thoughts…things one shouldn’t share…

Deep inside I wish I hadn’t said yes to an iphoto show.

But since I did it is happening, with or without my current feelings about my consent vs content (ie what do I really have for the people?).

Is anyone else out there crippled with doubt when facing a showing of their work?

Thank YOU Kristen Henderson of the Cherry Branch Gallery, you are an angel without disguise. A one in a million human. You never waver in your love of my photos.

There are many more things in the Universe that should be avoided and having your own photography show isn’t one of them.

Therefore, I will go ahead and slap myself so you don’t have to.

See you there.



Dunga brook Diary: A Year of Seeing Differently

Dunga brook Diary: A Year of Seeing Differently

April 6th at 5pm, opening reception at Cherry Branch Gallery, Cherry Valley, NY.

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
~Ansel Adams

Leaving LA after 25 years felt like the right thing to do. LA was a pit stop, a very complicated, very expensive pit stop on my journey through life.

On the road from LA to NY, I followed my son in his truck and took iPhone photos through my truck’s windshield. Mostly of his tail lights.

I’m an old hand at leaving. But this cross-country move was different, I was uprooting someone else’s life.

Connor was off to college in the fall and somehow I’d justified it in my mind that moving the day after he graduated from HS in LA would be the best timing for both of us.

I didn’t cry during our going away party, I didn’t cry as we packed, when we drove away, as the hours and the miles across the deserts and mountains ticked by.

Across the plains, the skies were a cathedral of thunderheads, rainbows that went straight up and down, lightning that streaked sideways.

I took photos through my truck window of those things, too.

We landed in central New York to renovate an 1820’s farmhouse that I’d bought, sight unseen, from a post of Facebook.

As my new life began to take shape in the summer before Connor left for university, I took photographs of everything.

By the time the old house was renovated, Connor was at school and I had taken well over 20,000 photographs.

And I had carpal tunnel from uploading and editing all those photos but I couldn’t stop- the beauty of the land surrounding me was astounding.

I cried at night because my arm hurt so bad but the tears were different from the tears that I cried as I followed his red tail lights into those storms, heading east.

Those were tears of joy, realizing what a fine young man he had turned into, a brave soul, ready for adventure, a young man who faced the open road with open mind and heart.

My show at the Cherry Branch Gallery is a celebration of central New York and the life one can find in the middle of letting go.

Poppies Make Me Cray Cray

Beekman 1802 Wildflower packet...

Beekman 1802 Wildflower packet…

I am trying to edit down around 20,000 iPhone photos for my April show at the Cherry Branch Gallery.

All is going well (at 4 in the morning) until I get to the hundreds (thousands?) of Poppy pictures I took last summer.

Just a few of my loves...

Just a few of my loves…

I am obsessed with my Poppies. I get why people boil them down to goo and smoke them (is that how it works?), I would too, as a matter of fact I thought about it many times last summer. There is something so hypnotic and narcotic about just looking at them, why not smoke them?

Cray, Cray. Total Poppy madness.


If the madness moves you…

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